We think like people.


We like to say, “we’re not marketers, we’re people who work in marketing.” It reminds us to look up from the data and technology and marketing speak, and answer the only questions that really matter: What are people doing? What do people want? Why would people care?

We start at the very beginning, by looking at even the most detailed data through a very human lens. It’s a little something we call Anthrolytics.™ We then bring experience-driven thinking to our strategic process, creative development… and right on through to every finished piece of communication, asking the painful questions like, “Why would anyone engage with this?”

Want to know what’s going to be the next great technological marketing frontier? Watch people. They’ll tell you.

Olson Culture
Olson Culture

Working at Olson

Yeah, it’s fun to work here. But we work pretty hard, too. We put a lot of effort into just about everything, so if you want to join us, you’d better be up for that. We sit in an open space. We tack our work up in the hallway so everyone can see it and if they want, add to it. We invite criticism and we challenge each other’s thinking. We debate and figure it out and it’s always better after. 

Olson Culture

So who's this guy?

He’s Brickman, and he’s roughly 10 feet tall. When Olson got started, we built him brick by brick, and placed him up on the roof of our building. He symbolizes how we continue to build our reputation here - brick-by-brick, person-by-person. When we moved to a glamorous new building with more space, we certainly weren’t going to leave Brickman behind. So he’s on a new roof now, a constant reminder that we’re always stronger together.

Olson Culture
Olson Culture

Braggards wanted.

We’re always on the hunt for the newest, the coolest, the most impossiblest. Twice a year, we throw down the gauntlet, with our own agency-wide Hackathon. Competing teams geek out on everything technology can and can’t-yet do, to solve real problems and blow each other’s minds. The goal is to push ourselves out of our departmental comfort zones, dive into uncharted waters, take big risks, and remind ourselves that innovation is at the core of everything we do. The coveted first prize: bragging rights. Around here, that’s a lot.

We can do that.

It sucks when a great idea gets killed because there’s not enough time or money to do it right. We don’t like to see any ideas die. So we put together a “never say never” team of AMAZING producers, photographers, stylists, animators, art buyers, and just-about-anything makers—and named them The Content Lab. Now when a client wants a social campaign produced and our ideas turn out to be bigger than our budget, we let it rip right here. We get to make cool content, and our clients get more amazing content. Win/win.

Bissel Puppy Bowl Cleanup Crew
Olson Culture

All our people are key. But these guys take most of the heat.

Bryan Specht

Dawn Watz

Joe Monnens

Rick Shaughnessy

Paul Isakson

Ed Dziedzic

Mike Bireley

Christina Zajic


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