A More Inspired Travel Experience.

We threw away all the rules.

Maybe you glanced at the image above and thought to yourself, “Hey, wait a minute. He doesn’t look anything like a honeymoon couple romping on a white sand beach.” We hope so. Because there are a lot of people out there who want more from a tropical holiday experience than romantic sunsets and frosty margaritas. They want a truly inspired experience, one they can call their very own.

We call these people “inspired explorers.”

They’re growing in numbers, and, sadly, running out of untouched real estate. So we gave them Belize. A place where the best itinerary is to not have one. Where the temples and beaches may be beautiful and unspoiled, but the real memories will come from the curious places and people you meet along the way. Belize cited our marketing effort as being directly responsible for increasing their GDP by 2.24%. With 2016 being their biggest growth year in 20 years.

To bring people to Belize, we brought Belize to them.

We focused on hidden gems, not obvious clichés.

Belize - birds
Chocolate magazine ad - Belize
Belize - website
Belize - website
Belize - website

Below, the story of Belize, captured in a logo.