Runners Are People Too.

Runners aren't rubber, leather and mesh.

Runners are people—people who like to run really fast, and maybe eat a big hot fudge sundae right after. In a category that tends to think like geeked-out lab technicians, arguing over the relative merits of a millimeter added here or an ounce subtracted there, we created a campaign that runners could relate to as dedicated athletes, and as three-dimensional humans. And when tragedy struck Boston, we reached out and connected with both sides of them... using just two words.

The Further You Go, the Bigger the Sundae.
Let Humidity Ruin Your Hair. Not Your Run.
The results

We lifted Saucony from the number four running shoe to number two.

You've Got a Hot Date with Your Run Tonight. Dress Accordingly.
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The Road Wants to Break You. Will You Let It?
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Saucony - Shoe Tie