Think Like People. In This Case, Dog People.

A dog lover’s vacuum brand

This just in: People care more about their dogs than they do about their vacuum cleaners. So what’s a floor care brand to do? Think like people. For BISSELL, that meant repositioning their products as every pet lover’s must-have. Dogs have an uncanny knack for creating messes large and larger, and BISSELL has an uncanny ability to make those messes disappear. We created #pethappens, a place to share your dog’s best mess-making moments with the world. Then, we repurposed some of the best as user-generated video content. Next, we unleashed an hour-long online mess-making marathon during Super Sunday, and turned control of it over to pet owners. The more people shared #pethappens, the messier things got. Thanks to #pethappens, things got pretty messy indeed, and BISSELL sales took a dramatic turn upward, doubling at major stores like Walmart after just one week.

Win Win

While raising sales dramatically, we also raised over $100K for shelter pets.

Bissell - #pethappens experience